10 proof that she takes your relationship seriously

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    Have you been on a few dates with a trans woman, and you still don’t know whether she wants a serious relationship with you? Well, there are definite signs she does.

    Every trans woman is indeed different. But they do certain things before they want a serious relationship with a guy. You need to pay attention! Do you wish to know how you can determine whether she wants a serious relationship with you?

    She always asks you what you do before making plans

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    A trans woman looking for a serious relationship, you can find them on San Antonio Trans dating, or one of the best trans dating sites in San Antonio, will often ask what you do before making plans. They aren’t just being friendly. They are testing you out to see if you are somebody worthy of attention.

    She does this because she cares about your job and wants to spend more time with you if you’re doing something that makes you happy. At this point, she’s curious about your lifestyle and wants to integrate hers with yours. It is a great sign because trans women who ask this question care what you do and don’t just want to party with you. They are likely ready to take the relationship to a new level, where your interest and hers are intertwined.

    She worries if she hasn’t heard from you for a whole day

    Because of our busy lives, sometimes we don’t contact the person who means the most to us daily.

    Staying in touch with your partner is important, even if you’re together most of the time. Avoiding communication leaves your partner wondering whether you took her for granted and had other things to do. She’ll likely get worried and anxious about your safety when you go off for a whole day.

    If you notice it causes her to worry about you, there’s a large possibility that she’s taking the relationship seriously. To ease her worries and prove to her that you’re serious about the relationship, you can call or send a message every day at the same time.

    She thinks that, in fact, you are her “plus one

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    She’ll automatically make you her plus one for every event she gets invited to. Furthermore, she’ll also believe she’s your plus one for your events too. When a trans woman does this, it means she’s likely into you and feels proud enough to show you off. Almost nobody gets proud enough to show off their partner in all events, except it’s a serious relationship.

    She makes sure to take you to her favorite places

    A transwoman’s favorite spots are personal to her. If she’s constantly taking you to her favorite spots, then she likely wants something more serious with you. The idea of taking you to these places is to share the happiness and moments she gets with you.

    She’s slowly integrating her happy places with you because you make her happy.

    She watches movies and series that you love

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    Do you notice she pays attention to the movies you talk about and tries to watch them too? It’s because she’s taking the relationship seriously. She’s showing an interest in your life, which means she’s taking the relationship seriously.When she is at your place, she enjoys it and does not leave at the first ray of sunshine

    If this woman has stayed over in your place more than a few times, and she never seems in a hurry to leave, it could be an early sign that she’s committed to you. That’s because she already feels at home. From her toothbrush to her favorite slippers, all the good stuff stays right here.

    Her friends have added you on Facebook

    Women put a lot more thought into the photos they post and the people they add to Facebook. Her friends will only add you on Facebook or any other social media platform if they’ve had conversations about how she feels about you.

    She comes to see you when you are sick

    If your girlfriend comes over when you are sick, it is a sure sign she cares about you and is in it for a long-term relationship. Why? You cannot easily fake taking care of someone else unless you deeply care about them. And, if she takes the pains to come to see you and make food for you, that’s the kind of honest woman who sees a future together with you.

    She does not rush you in your relationship

    A transwoman is vulnerable to heartbreak and possible scandals. That’s why when a transwoman takes a relationship seriously, she tries as much as possible to avoid rushing. You’ll notice the relationship moving a step at a time. Even if she’s falling deeply in love with you fast, she will try to make slow moves.

    She doesn’t run away from your friends and family

    A trans woman taking a relationship seriously will not run away from your friends and family. Instead, she can switch from a girlfriend of yours to be an intimate friend of your family.

    She will accept your family member’s presence with an open heart and arms, including somehow the estranged relatives too. A girl who always attends your family gatherings or public events is ready to be introduced as your girlfriend or future wife of yours in the near future.

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